We're Back

  • By Eddie M

Happy 2018 everyone - hopefully this will be the best year of your life. And I'm also happy to mention that our store is back online. The checkout is now active and you can now make purchases (and please do).

Our first Christmas season is in the books and for the most part, things went well. The one happy new yearthing that we found very distressing (and I'm sure some of you did as well) was some of the product delivery times. Since many of our offerings are custom-made, it can naturally take a little extra time to produce an order which is understandable. But getting the product to the customer after shipping was taking too long.

In response to this, we have decided to make a change. If a vendor offers expedited shipping on a product, we will include this at no additional charge. This doesn't mean that all products we carry will include expedited shipping - just when the vendor offers this option. And our shipping rate will remain the same ($4.95 flat rate regardless of order size). We're certain this will speed things along and make for an overall better shopping experience.

So be prepared to see a boatload of new product offerings over the course of the year. Let's have a terrific 2018 together.

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