And the Journey Begins...

All journeys begin with a first step. And on March 15th, 2017, TheFrostyDepot.com took that first step. That's the date the virtual doors opened and this idea for a web-store became a reality. But like most e-stores at startup, TFD was an empty shell waiting for filling. But what type of filling? What would be the theme used to determine the product mix of the store.

cool stuff

The store name does offer a clue. When considering what to name the store, one word was driving the naming bus. It's a rather simple word that you're likely to hear every day. That word is COOL. The name choice had to have an obvious connection with that word. After quite a bit of brainstorming, The Frosty Depot became the name on the marquee.

But if you look up the word cool in the dictionary, you will discover many meanings. For guiding purposes, it was necessary to settle on a definition. This definition would direct all product choice decisions going forward. The words "Profound Sophistication" captured our vision and took on this important role.

As mentioned earlier, the evolution of The Frosty Depot is going to be a journey. This journey will take us across the planet in search of items that meet our criteria. We will also be creating our own products that live up to our standards. As this odyssey continues, our hope is that our store fills up with offerings that match our vision.

So take a trip with us down the road to discovery. We hope you enjoy the ride.